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Chad O’L Public Relations and Events (Chad O’L) provides fully integrated branding, marketing, communications, and event solutions with unique partners. • Solution partners include creative, design, advertising, digital/brand/content marketing, video, short stories, and film production.

Chad O’L has over 20 years of experience serving corporate, government & nonprofits organization in various capacities. We leverage a variety of offerings to provide full-service and innovative solutions to create events, programs, and campaigns to help its clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.


  • 2019 DC Supply Schedule
  • 2018 Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Certification – DSLBD
  • 2018 Ascend Capital Accelerator Program • 2018 CVS Health Executive Learning Series
  • 2018 Top 100 MBE’s Awardee
  • 2018 Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification – NMSDC
  • 2017 Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Alumni (Building A High-Performing Minority Business)
  • 2016 Certified LGBT Business Enterprise -NGLCC


  • The ability to handle the same workload as larger staffed corporations by utilizing a team of businesses.
  • A culture of collaboration with other (LGBTQE) business enterprise and local firms to provide additional service and support to both large or small projects.
  • We prioritize listening to our clients to develop innovative, creative and unique designs that fit the corporate culture of any organization.
  • Holding customer service as a core pillar of our organization. We set the right expectations and communicate clearly to meet our customer needs and requirements.
  • Mandatory Chad O’L project limitations, by not taking on more than 4 projects at a time. This cuts out multitasking and instead gives our clients a personalized, on-time delivery of requirements that is hardly found in the business industry.

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202-792-5241 Ext 1001 (main)
202-792-5629 (direct)
202-855-0368 (cell)


Washington D.C. 20009

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